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Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover


An MOT is a vital aspect of keeping your motorcycle in top shape and condition, not to mention a yearly legal requirement. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering the best quality motorcycle MOTs in Andover. With specialist equipment and expert knowledge, you can be sure that you won’t get a better MOT anywhere else in the local area. We’ll check every aspect of your motorbike for an extremely competitive price so you can ride away confident that your motorcycle is the safest it can possibly be.

There are so many aspects to a motorcycle MOT in Andover, that’s why we provide high-quality workmanship from Andover’s finest motorcycle enthusiasts. We’ll check your motorcycle over to the highest ability. From your bike’s lights, steering, suspension, fuel system, seats, and exhaust, to the horn, registration plates and throttle, you can be sure that no stone is left unturned during your MOT at Portway Motorbike Specialists. 

Sometimes, it can be a small, simple reason your motorcycle ends up failing its MOT. It could be something such as a broken bulb, a worn sprocket, or a damaged number plate. Our expert mechanics will be able to pick up on and identify any issues, no matter how small, to ensure that your motorcycle passes its MOT in Andover and is safe and road legal. We offer this fantastic level of professionalism and expertise at some of the most competitive prices in Andover. On top of this, we offer discounts when your MOT and service are booked together and a 20% discount for all NHS and key workers.


Don’t Wait To Book Your Motorcycle’s MOT Today

If your MOT is around the corner, don’t hesitate to get booked in with us at Portway Motorbike Specialists today. Give us a call on 01264 359540 or drop us an email at

Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover


Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover

Motorcycle Tyres Sold and Fitted at Portway Motorcycle Specialists

We understand that the quality of your motorcycle’s tyres has a huge impact on the vehicle’s excellence overall. That’s why we pride ourselves as motorcycle experts who will be able to find and fit the perfect tyre for your bike. Not all motorbikes are made the same, which is why our specialist mechanics will be able to determine the perfect tyres for your bike, depending on its make and model. We’ve been working on motorcycles since 2006, so you can be sure there is nowhere else in Andover that will offer a more informed opinion.

Keeping Your Tread Deep and Prices Slim

When it comes to your motorcycle’s tyres, there is one aspect that stands above the rest, and that is the tread depth. Those grooves in your tyres are responsible for the tyre’s grip on the road, which is even more important when you only have two tyres instead of four. The legal tread depth for all motorcycles over 50cc is 1mm across ¾ of the tread pattern with visible tread on the remaining ¼. If your tyres are looking slightly bald and are approaching the limit, it’s time to book your motorcycle tyres in Andover at Portway Motorbike Specialists.

Motorcycle Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Unlike a car’s MOT, your wheel alignment is tested during your motorcycle’s MOT. This means you could face an MOT failure if your wheels are misaligned. Leave it with our experienced technicians to ensure that your motorcycle’s tyres are perfectly aligned to keep your beloved motorbike safe and road legal. Whether you need new tyres, a wheel alignment, or both at the same time, get in touch with us to save yourself the worry.


The brakes on your motorcycle are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. It is important they are always in perfect condition. That’s where we come in – motorcycle experts with a passion and enthusiasm for all things motorbikes. We will be able to test your brakes and tell you when the discs and pads need replacing and do so for a reasonable, competitive price. Don’t leave your brake replacement until the last minute – if you’ve noticed a difference in your braking power or any peculiar squealing sounds coming from the brakes, get booked in to see us today with one of Andover’s leading motorcycle specialists.

How Do I Know I Need To Replace My Motorcycle Brakes?

It is recommended by motorcycle experts everywhere that your brake pads need to be replaced every 20,000 miles. However, this can differ from rider to rider, so always consult a trained mechanic if you are unsure. Your brake pads will need replacing once they are worn down to around 1-2mm in thickness – at this point, they are approaching a dangerous level. Our expert motorcycle mechanics will be able to offer professional opinions on when your brake pads and discs need replacing.

AA Certified Experts

Since we are an AA Certified garage, we have some of the best industry equipment and parts to guarantee safety and satisfaction for you and your motorcycle. We only use the best quality brake pads, discs, and rotors when it comes to your motorcycle’s brake replacement in Andover. We’re also an Approved Garage, meaning that we only use parts that are Original Equipment (OE), or a matched quality in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule. We offer affordable, competitive prices, so you can have the best quality care for less.

Don’t Wait To Book Your Brake Pad Replacement

If you’ve noticed that your brake pads have worn thin, don’t tempt fate – book yourself a replacement with us today. Just enter your registration number and availability, and one of our friendly technicians will be in touch to finalise the details. Plus, if you live locally in Andover, we offer a collection and delivery service – don’t hesitate to reach out!

Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover


Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover

Your exhaust is an incredibly important part of your motorcycle. Without it, your engine would not be able to work – that’s why it is important that if you suspect you have an issue, you should get booked in with us at Portway Motorbike Specialists where our motorcycle experts will be able to diagnose the problem. Whether it’s a small hole that needs filling or a completely new exhaust fitting in Andover, you can be sure our mechanics will do it for the best possible price.

Signs Your Exhaust Needs Some Attention

There are a number of signs your motorcycle will give you to indicate an issue with the exhaust, and you’ll usually hear them. If your exhaust is roaring and louder than usual, you may have a hole. Rattling sounds could suggest something has come loose. A chugging noise could indicate a blockage within the exhaust system, and a tinkling sound might mean you need the silencer looked at. Either way, our expert mechanics will know exactly how to diagnose the problem, and more importantly, how to fix it. If any of the listed noises sound familiar to you, don’t hesitate to get booked for your motorcycle exhaust replacement in Andover with us today.

Unbeatable Prices In Andover

We know what you’re thinking – your exhaust is an expensive and stressful job. But at Portway Motorbike Specialists it doesn’t have to be that way – our devoted mechanics will be happy to talk you through any questions or queries you may have surrounding your exhaust work. Whether you are having it replaced or repaired, we offer some of the most competitive prices in Andover. We also offer a 20% NHS and key worker discount to show our key worker customers how much we appreciate them.

Book Your Exhaust Replacement Online With Us Today

If your motorcycle needs a new exhaust, you can book at your earliest convenience using our enquiry form. Get in touch with us using our enquiry form and one of our devoted technicians will be in touch to confirm your appointment. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and you never pay a penny until the day of your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!


Experience precision control and handling with our motorcycle steering services. From adjustments to replacements, our expert technicians ensure your ride is responsive and stable. Trust us to optimize your steering system for a smoother and safer ride.
Unlock precise handling and control with our motorcycle steering solutions. From alignments to upgrades, our skilled technicians ensure your ride is agile and responsive. Trust us to optimize your steering system for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover
Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover


Illuminate your ride with our premium motorcycle lighting solutions. From LED upgrades to custom installations, our expert technicians enhance visibility and style for every rider. Trust us to light up your journey with quality and precision.
Elevate your motorcycle's visibility and style with our professional lighting solutions. Our expert technicians specialize in custom installations and LED upgrades, ensuring safety and aesthetics on every ride. Light up the road ahead with confidence and style.


Enhance your motorcycle's handling and comfort with our premium suspension services. Our skilled technicians specialize in fine-tuning suspension systems to optimize performance and ride quality. Trust us to elevate your riding experience with precision and expertise.
Unlock the full potential of your motorcycle's performance with our specialized suspension services. From adjustments to full upgrades, our expert technicians ensure your ride is smooth, stable, and tailored to your preferences. Ride with confidence and control on every journey.

Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover
Portway Motorbike Specialists Andover

Service & Repair

Experience top-notch motorcycle service and repair tailored to your needs. Our skilled technicians specialize in keeping your bike running smoothly, ensuring safety and performance on every ride. Trust us to handle all your maintenance and repair needs with precision and care.
From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our experienced technicians ensure your bike performs at its best. Ride with confidence knowing your motorcycle is in expert hands.

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